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BlockSpy is a blockchain forensics and financial risk assessment platform that allows anyone to run a free scan on a blockchain wallet address and determine if it has been used in money laundering schemes or any other popular cryptocurrency scams. We do this by cross referencing the address’ past transactions with the daily-updated list of 2,000+ scam addresses on EtherScamDB’s GitHub.



Our risk assessment scanner is completely free! All you need to get started is an Ethereum wallet address. Bitcoin support coming soon.

Updated Daily

Our database of suspicious wallet addresses is provided by EtherScamDB, which is a public repository that's updated daily by the Open Source community.

Community Operated

Since the initial version of the platform is community driven, you can be sure that it is always up-to-date with the latest cryptocurrency scams & schemes.


Jul 2019
  • Launch MVP that performs free risk scans
Aug 2019
  • Launch Chrome extension that auto scans any address on page
Sep 2019
  • Launch Bitcoin address support
Oct 2019
  • Launch premium blockchain forensics platform capable of tracking coins
Q1 2020
  • Secure government contracts

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